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Australian Locations

 +61 7 3866 7900

+61 2 97001402

Sunshine Coast

Quality Policy

Vision International Forwarding Pty Ltd defines commitment to Quality as:

‘Fully meeting the requirements of our clients and interested parties'

Vision International Forwarding Pty Ltd (VIF) is fully committed to quality and is pursuing a program to achieve best practice in all aspects of our business. Our Quality objectives include:

  • Controlling and implementing any changes to Interested party's needs, including Management System requirements, as well as regulatory and legislative changes as they occur
  • Supplying only those products, materials and services in a manner that we are confident will meet all of our customer and regulatory specifications.
  • Storing and distributing all products under appropriate conditions thereby ensuring wholesomeness, hygienic integrity and maximisation of shelf life.
  • Using the best available techniques, that are reasonably practicable, to comply with Company and Customer requirements of Health, Safety, Environment, Quality, Food Safety and Industrial Relations.
  • Minimising adverse environmental impacts which could be caused by ourselves

The core of our best practice program is a management system which is fully integrated into our business practice.

Our Quality Management System (QMS) incorporates the following standards: ISO 9001 :2015 as well as a HACCP system that meets the Codex Alimentarius guidelines. VIF is working to incorporate ISO14001 :2015 and ISO 45001 :2018 into our wider Integrated Management System (IMS) inclusive of the QMS.

Vision International Forwarding Pty Ltd is committed to regular review and assessment of the effectiveness of our Quality Management System via internal and external audit programs.

Adherence to this Policy Statement is required of all employees. All employees are encouraged to suggest process or procedure enhancements to improve quality. Quality is the responsibility of all employees.

We are aware that the management system that we have developed and implemented is not the "end" but a mechanism or means to achieve the "end", defined by continuous improvement and enhanced competitiveness whilst monitoring & reviewing Safety & Environmental procedures ensuring minimal pollution and/or safety risks.