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Health, Safety & Quality Policy Statement

Vision International Forwarding Pty Ltd is an Australian based provider of transportation logistics that manages and co-ordinates the importation and exportation of cargoes by air, sea, road and rail. Vision specialises in logistical movements to the industrial project sector relating to the mining, oil and gas industry and also to the transportation, storage and distribution of time sensitive and temperature critical perishable commodities to the commercial sector. Vision is focused on customer satisfaction and it is our aim to generate a high level of repeat business.

Our company, through established offices and partnerships, has a rare capacity to respond to our customers’ needs in order to provide a service level and commitment ahead of our competition. The development of our management and quality systems is but one example in our focus on excellence that is inherent in our pursuit of positive work and customer outcomes.

The company is fully committed to quality and is pursuing a program to achieve best practice in all aspects of our business. Our Quality objectives include:

  • · Fully meeting the requirements of our client contract.
  • · Controlling and implementing any changes to contract and alterations as they occur.
  • · Supplying only those products and materials which have the quality to meet all of our customer and regulatory specifications.
  • · Storing and distributing all products under appropriate conditions thereby ensuring wholesomeness, hygienic integrity and maximisation of shelf life.
  • · Meeting Government and Company requirements of HSE&Q and Industrial Relations.

The core of our best practice program is an effective, quality assurance system which is fully integrated into our business practice. The system is based on AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 and AS/NZS ISO 4801:2001 and is designed to ensure that customer requirements are understood by all employees involved and are met on every occasion.

Proper adherence to this Policy Statement is required of all employees. All employees are encouraged to suggest process or procedure enhancements to improve quality. Quality is the responsibility of all employees.

We are aware that the quality management system that we have developed and implemented is not the “end” but a mechanism or means to achieve the “end” defined by continuous improvement and enhanced competitiveness.